Headphone Buying Guide for Beginners


Many years ago, people don’t even know about the headphones and how to use them properly for each certain purpose. Even 20 years ago, there were just 5 to 7 brands of headphone as well as other sound devices because the lack of technology in this special field. But today, everything is different. The headphones become one of the most essential parts in our everyday life. People have developed the headphone both in the appearance and the functions it can provide. In addition, the headphones are designed not only for entertainment but they have become a culture beauty to some generations. Some headphones are very expensive but there are still some best headphones under 100, but you have to find them carefully if you don’t want to get a faked one. This guide will provide you some questions about the headphones to help you know better about this sound device.

Do you often use the headphone at crowded places?

If the answer is yes, you should find some models that can provide good noise cancellation or noise isolation capability. These headphones are created with a small microphone that records the noise sound waves then transport them into an electric circuit. This circuit will produce reverse sound waves that can eliminate the noise in some ways. However, these headphones are not cheap at all. They are equipped with modern technology, so it’s understandable if their prices are higher than normal.

In fact, with normal needs, we all know that in – ear headphones which are put inside the ear or over – ear headphones have good ability of noise isolation, so you can have a good music experience even at crowded places. In contrast, ear – buds or on – ear headphones are quite bad at noise cancellation that affects the sound quality of the music band you are listening to.

ear headphones

Besides, there is a small note to protect your ears: You should use headphones with good noise isolation ability because if it completes its mission well, you don’t have to increase the volume too much to enjoy a song. On the other hand, with a bad headphone in noise cancellation, the noise sneaks in quite much that makes you to higher your volume to hear the sounds. It’s very dangerous because it can harm your hearing ability as well as bringing some problem to your ears.

Do you often play any sports?

Sports Headphones

If you take part in sports regularly such as running or jogging, you must need a headphone that can be hold firmly on your ears and withstand strong movements. Recently, there are some famous brands such as Sony and Sennheiser introduce the product lines for sport headphones with special designs such as ear hook to immobilize the headphones. Especially Sony has introduced 2 headphone product lines that are water resist. They are Sony STH30 and AS800AP. With these products, you can play sports freely without worrying about the sweats to spoil your beloved headphones.

Should I treat the headphone as a fashion accessory?

To be success in attracting the look of customer, fashion trending factor is considered by many people and sometime it’s an important detail that decide whether the product is good for selling or not. If you are a fashion lover and want to show off your own personality, you can also choose a headphone with nice appearance and colorful. However, you should remember not to sacrifice the sound quality of a headphone just only because of the appearance, because after all, headphones are meant to be used as a hearing device, not a decoration.

They are two common questions before deciding to purchase a headphone. After determine your purpose and your needs, we still want to suggest you asking for more advices from stores specialized in headphones and other sound devices to have the chance to experience different types of headphones as well as receiving advices from experts who are excel in sound toys – audiophiles.

According to experience of many people from amateurs to experts, you can only choose a typical one for you after trying the sound quality and testing the comfortable capability of that headphone. To people who don’t have much time to go to the stores and have to buy headphones online, you should answer some questions about headphones for more precision.