8 Things You Need To Consider When Customizing Your Kitchen Space

Without a shred of a doubt, the kitchen is the most popular part of the home. The chances of the entire family gathering in the kitchen unintentionally are higher than any other part of the house. And because many people frequent the kitchen often, they inevitably create movement and action patterns around it. This is why you need to design your kitchen to allow free flowing movement with as little obstructions as possible. So do you know how to fit all of your kitchen cookware and appliances? Let’s review the following points:

Kitchen Space

  1. Who Uses It?

When looking for the perfect kitchen design, in order to find the perfect spot for your best pressure cooker, gas cooker, microwave and other appliances, you need to be aware of your needs and preferences. If more than one person wants ownership of the space, designing the place will be that much more challenging.

  1. Is It Possible To Fit Everything In?

Seeing an empty space before placing the cabinets and appliances in might seem a lot bigger than it actually is. Make sure you measure the space properly and make a list of the things you want to fit in it. There are other things to take into consideration as well. For example, the positioning of the sink will depend on the piping and whether water can find its way naturally to the drainage outlet.

  1. Where Will The Washers Be Placed?

Placing dishwashers and washing machines should be a little simpler than the sink, since water is being pumped out of them. So there is a little space for compromise when it comes to their positions.

  1. How About the Cooker?

More often than not, the cooker is the main feature of the kitchen. It usually takes a centre position, not only for visual reasons, but practical reasons as well. You need the cooker easily reachable and close to every other major kitchen appliance. Keep the path to and around the cooker as unobstructed as possible. Another thing to consider is the vent system. If you plan on installing an overhead vent system, it has to go directly above the cooker. Placing a cooker behind a door is the worst idea possible.

  1. Is The Counter Space Big Enough?

You have probably heard hundreds of people complaining about lack of counter space in their kitchens. That’s because you can never have enough of it. The more space you have, the more space you will use. However, do try do decide the minimum space needed for you to operate while preparing food easily and avoid frustration. Be aware that you will most likely have to place some smaller appliances, such as blenders, toasters, electric cookers etc. Some small appliances, such as microwaves can be mounted on the wall in order to save some counter space.

  1. Accessibility

Whenever you cook, you constantly move and reach all around your cabinets and appliances to get what you need. It is imperative that you ensure easy access to cabinets and appliances if you want to be an effective cook. That being said, you should keep all the corners and turns in the space to ensure that all your cabinet and appliance doors will open with no obstruction by other knobs or handles. This may sound trivial, but it happens more often than not.

  1. Opposites Do Not Attract In The Kitchen

The fridge is there to keep food cool. The cooker is there to keep cooking food hot. If you want to ensure the ultimate energy efficiency, it is absolutely crucial that you don’t put these two next to each other. So before deciding on the design, make sure there is enough space separating the fridge and the cooker.

  1. Power Supply And Lights

Almost all of the appliances mentioned require electricity. Whether most of your appliances are free standing or fitted you need to make sure there are sufficient power outlets and on the appropriate position. Also, you need to make sure the electrical work is compliant to required safety regulations.

In order to keep your kitchen ideally illuminated, you need to hit the sweet spot when it comes to combining natural light and built in lighting.